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The Digital Age of HR
Conference & Masterclasses

21-22 September, Budapest

EHR2016 Conference?
Simply put: EHR prepares you for the future of HR. Hot & brand new digital insights from the best minds of today & tomorrow, on all that affects HR in 2016 and beyond. This is EHR2016.

Technology is transforming how people work, it will fundamentally change HR as we know it. Get the latest tools, learn the secrets of the most innovative experts, be in control of your success.

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Led by: Chris Perks
Lead Tutor of Google Squared Online

How you can target almost anyone across the major social networks with cost effective advertising in less than 17 minutes. Uncover best practices from ad writing, targeting and budget control. Please note, workshop places are limited.

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Led by: Pete Jenkins
Chair of GameFed

How to create the perfect gamification campaign, tips on how to get buy in for your gamification project & what objections are likely to come up in your organisations.
Please note, workshop places are limited.

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